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Why are PLX Smoke Modern Hookahs Special?

PLX Smoke

is a company geared around innovation. If you are a fellow hookah enthusiast, you are aware thathookah has been around for centuries. It has become popular among those in the United States only within the last decade. There are all kinds of hookahs now, which may bring you to wonder, why are PLX Smoke hookahs special?

Made In The United States

The PLX Smoke hookahs are designed and manufactured in the USA with high quality plexi-glass. The plexi-glass allows our hookahs to be very durable and long lasting. We also use a built in aluminum diffuser which is anodized with food grade certification. We are all aware hookah smokers around the world have their own preference and smoking style. Now we do not urge smokers to change their ways, but just give our modern hookahs a try. We are confident one try is all we need to capture hookah smokers not only here in the United States, but also worldwide.

Unlike Any Other Hookah

Other than our unique style and design, the PLX Smoke has a feel like no other. Traditional hookahs tend to have a rusting issue no matter the brand that manufactures them. Over time, the smoke drawn from the bowl containing the hookah flavor will cause the material to rust and/or mold.

Now to the naked eye you are blinded because the outside look of the hookah may look clean. Once used a handful of times you may cut open the hookah stem and be surprised to what will be revealed, many times rust and mold. The PLX Smoke hookahs are built in such a way where no rust or mold will ever be formed inside the hookah, no matter how long it has been used.

Our motto “the difference is clear” is not only used as a branding tool, but it is the simple truth that backs up all of our products. The clear plexi-glass allows you to clearly see what goes on inside the hookah and is also a clear difference of achieving a fantastic smoking experience.

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