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The PLX NEO by PLX Smoke Hookah is sleek, lightweight, and virtually unbreakable. The PLX NEO hookah is the newest addition to the PLX line of hookahs. It features a modern hookah design with a removable top, making cleaning the inside of the hookah easier than any hookah ever invented. The removable top is not only for cleaning purposes, but you can also add fruit, ice, lights, or any other extras to your base. The clear design allows you to see the monster clouds building up inside the chamber. The NEO hookah is a super portable hookah, and features a design that makes it highly resistant to being tipped over.

Crafted solely from thick plexiglass, PLX Smoke hookahs are designed and made in the USA. They are lightweight, yet provide a solid structure, with great impact strength. You will encounter a smoother smoking experience with larger clouds depending on your packing method.

The interior down-stem of the NEO is crafted from anodized aluminum that has been food grade certified and features precision drilled diffuser perks. As you take your first few pulls you will notice the minimal vibrations prevent any displacement of the hookah charcoal, enabling you to have a peaceful smoke session without the prospect of coals vibrating off to the floor.

Please do not place any lit charcoal on the plexiglass surface, you will ruin the hookah. We recommend purchasing a Kaloud Lotus heat management system and/or a charcoal carrier, this will allow you to ash and store backup coals to save time from running back to the burner.


  • Washable Hookah Hose
  • Silicone Hookah Bowl
  • Adapter
  • Blow-Out Valve

*We recommend purchasing the Kaloud Vitria Bowl and the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System for an amazing hookah experience.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product. Please check out our returns/exchange policy before purchasing.

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