About Us

About Us

We are an innovative hookah company designed and made in the USA. Our mission is to bring you the most enjoyable hookah experience. We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service and products that are durable, long lasting, and a sleek transparent design to rock the modern world. The difference is clear.

Our Story

Our PLX Smoke team consists of a genuine group of hookah aficionados. We began our journey back in February of 2015 with a desire to create modern and durable hookahs. We are the type of people that are always prepared for a hookah session. Our whole hookah setup is nicely organized in a duffle bag remaining in the trunk of our cars ready for a spontaneous hookah session, at all times.

As experienced hookah enthusiasts for quite a long time of appreciating and smoking hookah, we started a company that offered folks like us the ability to enjoy modern hookahs. We wanted to create hookahs that are different. We wanted a hookah that was quiet and smooth, but also aesthetically pleasing. We are glad to say that we accomplished that! Each of our hookahs are designed and crafted by hand in the USA.

We create the type of hookahs that look lovely on the table while you’re hosting a get-together with your friends. The type of hookah that you can take with you on your travels and share experiences. The type of hookah that brings people together. After all, what’s a better way to connect and spend time with people other than with a hookah session?

It has been over three years since the beginning of PLX Smoke, hundreds of hookah bowls packed, and dozens of designs at the drawing board. Our hope is that our hookahs have a place in your memories while you share cloud-filled smoking sessions with your friends. We love what we do and PLX Smoke is our way of sharing our love for hookah with you!

-PLX Smoke Team

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