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5 Rules of Hookah Smoking

1. Respect the Host

When you’re invited for a hookah session, you have to be respectful and courteous to the connoisseur. Most hookah smokers love their hookah(s) with great care, so please treat their hookah with delicacy.

2. Packer Priority

The packer takes the time to set up the hookah(s) and prepares the charcoal. Setting up a hookah is not a difficult process, yet it takes time and effort therefore most people rather just have someone else be responsible. It is an unwritten and unspoken rule that most people are not aware of; the packer deserves priority in being the first to smoke the hookah after it is prepared. Personally, I believe this is the most important rule to abide by as an honorary guest.

3. Be Courteous

As a courtesy, the host provides each guest with a disposable tip. Tips are essential during a hookah session; nobody wants to risk getting sick by sharing germs.

4. Honor the Oldest Tradition

When passing the hose, it is considered rude when the hose is pointed towards a guests face. Traditionally known to be one of the oldest hookah etiquettes, a hose is bent in a “U” shape and handed to a guest with the tip facing towards you and not the receiver.

5. Puff, Puff, Pass

While smoking, it is important to maintain a consistent and timely rotation. No one likes waiting too long for a turn, please refrain telling a story while keeping the hookah hostage. When rotating, it is appropriate to move in a clockwise rotation (to the right). It is considered to be rude to pass the hose out of rotation or towards someone directly.

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