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Hookah, is it really that big of a deal?


Now I know what you’re thinking, all these ads over the media are trying to tell us something & THEY MUST BE RIGHT. Well they aren’t, in my opinion. For hundreds of years, smoking hookah has been a past time to many. This one recent anti-smoking hookah campaign for “targeting minors to smoke” is not going to stop people from trying it. Once again, this is all from my point of view.

In the United States it is close to impossible to advertise hookah products on social media, TV networks and print. This I will keep for a later article, but for now the idea is that companies have closed off all hookah companies to place advertising on their platforms. It is totally up to them to do so, but they are mostly using the influence from false statistics within these absurd commercials trying to make it seem like hookah companies have a vendetta in order to influence minors and have them addicted to hookah.

We as a community of hookah lovers have to keep this tradition strong. Hookah is a social activity that has been around for a very long time. We need to show everyone that hookah companies do not try to reach minors because we truly do not have an interest to market to them. We have morals and believe that they have a right to make the decision to smoke hookah when they are of the legal age.


5 Rules of Hookah Smoking


1. Respect the Host

When you’re invited for a hookah session, you have to be respectful and courteous to the connoisseur. Most hookah smokers love their hookah(s) with great care, so please treat their hookah with delicacy.

2. Packer Priority

The packer takes the time to set up the hookah(s) and prepares the charcoal. Setting up a hookah is not a difficult process, yet it takes time and effort therefore most people rather just have someone else be responsible. It is an unwritten and unspoken rule that most people are not aware of; the packer deserves priority in being the first to smoke the hookah after it is prepared. Personally, I believe this is the most important rule to abide by as an honorary guest.

3. Be Courteous

As a courtesy, the host provides each guest with a disposable tip. Tips are essential during a hookah session; nobody wants to risk getting sick by sharing germs.

4. Honor the Oldest Tradition

When passing the hose, it is considered rude when the hose is pointed towards a guests face. Traditionally known to be one of the oldest hookah etiquettes, a hose is bent in a “U” shape and handed to a guest with the tip facing towards you and not the receiver.

5. Puff, Puff, Pass

While smoking, it is important to maintain a consistent and timely rotation. No one likes waiting too long for a turn, please refrain telling a story while keeping the hookah hostage. When rotating, it is appropriate to move in a clockwise rotation (to the right). It is considered to be rude to pass the hose out of rotation or towards someone directly.



Q & A with Jack, Co Founder of PLX Smoke


A founder of a brand is the keeper of the vision and of the strategy.  Staying ambitious and innovative is fundamental for Jack in order to continue carrying out his vision. Here are some questions and answers to better understand the background of PLX Smoke and what inspired Jack to bring his vision to life.

1. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Answer: “As of right now our biggest focus is to make smoking hookah socially acceptable. As you may have seen on media recently, smoking hookah as been frowned upon, comparing hookah companies to big tobacco companies. We are starting new campaigns to show the public that there is a huge difference between hookah and cigarettes. It is about a social experience that hookah enthusiasts share.”

2. What skills do you think are most important when it comes to your daily work routine?

Answer: “I have said it time and time again; time management is the biggest skill. You cannot teach it, it comes natural. You either have it or don’t. If you only think and not do, nothing gets done.”

3. What is the hardest decision you have made so far?

Answer: “One of the hardest decisions I have made as a Founder of PLX Smoke has been acquiring the right business partner, one that has the skills and knowledge, working hand in hand with mine. Most people think it is simple and choose a person who honestly does not have the same vision. If you want a business that succeeds long term, the head of the company is where it all starts. Many young businessmen and businesswomen look past this for short gain, but their company will take a hard hit in the future.”

4. What inspired you to start PLX Smoke?

Answer: “The inspiration that led me to start PLX Smoke was the lack of quality people were receiving for their money. Companies would charge an upward of 300 dollars for a hookah, but once that hookah was tipped over, it was broken and gone forever. But we strive on durability that no knockdown or tip over is going to make our products brake. That’s what I wanted to bring to the hookah market and have been successful in doing so.”

5. What is your current vision for PLX Smoke?

Answer: “My current vision for PLX Smoke is to continue to bring innovative ideas to the market. Many people burst into the market with ideas and are gone in a period of 6-8 months. This isn’t Silicon Valley where funding keeps a company afloat. If many don’t like your product, there is nowhere else you can go. We strive to give our customers high end products to keep them happy and looking forward to all the new things we have coming their way.”

How To Set Up a PLX Smoke Hookah


Thank you to all of our PLX Smoke supporters! Take a look at this video tutorial we put together of how to properly set up a PLX Smoke hookah featuring Kaloud products.


#PLXSMOKE and #KALOUD Join Forces!


When innovators connect to bring you the most enjoyable hookah experience. We are extremely excited to announce that Kaloud products are now available on ! Some perks of the kaloud:

  • Significantly reduces the amount of ash, ultra-fine particles, and chemicals that pass through the shisha tobacco, providing a smoother, cleaner, and more flavorful hookah smoking experience.
  • Eliminates the need for hookah foil or aluminum bowl screens.
  • Extends the life of your hookah smoking session.
  • Requires very little charcoal rotation, allowing for a relaxing, hassle-free hookah smoke.



Why are PLX Smoke Hookahs Special?


PLX Smoke is a company geared around innovation. If you are a fellow hookah enthusiast, you are aware that hookah has been around for centuries. It has become popular among those in the United States only within the last decade. There are all kinds of hookahs now, which may bring you to wonder, why are  PLX Smoke hookahs special?

The PLX Smoke hookahs are designed and manufactured in the USA with high quality plexi-glass. The plexi-glass allows our hookahs to be very durable and long lasting. We also use a built in aluminum diffuser which is anodized with food grade certification. We are all aware hookah smokers around the world have their own preference and smoking style. Now we do not urge smokers to change their ways, but just give our modern hookahs a try. We are confident one try is all we need to capture hookah smokers not only here in the United States, but also worldwide.

Other than our unique style and design, the PLX Smoke has a feel like no other. Traditional hookahs tend to have a rusting issue no matter the brand that manufactures them. Over time, the smoke drawn from the bowl containing the hookah flavor will cause the material to rust and/or mold. Now to the naked eye you are blinded because the outside look of the hookah may look clean. Once used a handful of times you may cut open the hookah stem and be surprised to what will be revealed, many times rust and mold. The PLX Smoke hookahs are built in such a way where no rust or mold will ever be formed inside the hookah, no matter how long it has been used.

Our motto “the difference is clear” is not only used as a branding tool, but it is the simple truth that backs up all of our products. The clear plexi-glass allows you to clearly see what goes on inside the hookah and is also a clear difference of achieving a fantastic smoking experience.




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